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Warm Whites

White laminate flooring will create an instant feeling of space in your environment and provide the perfect backdrop for statement furniture and contrasting wall colours. Within our collection of white wood laminate floors you'll find a selection of varying tones. From the warm off white tones of our Penthouse Oak, to the distressed appeal of Aged Chalet Oak, our select range of white wood laminate floors have all been chosen for their exquisite grains and surface textures.

Our laminate floors are superbly manufactured to replicate the authentic appeal of real wood, alongside offering all of the added practical benefits offered by laminate. So whether you're considering our wide plank white floors, or you're looking for a white herringbone plank, you can be certain that each of our floors has been manufactured to exacting standards in Germany. 

Perfect for kitchens and busy areas of the home, laminate flooring is easy to maintain and care for. Each of our laminate floors has a micro-scratch resistant wear layer, a protected moisture barrier and a bevelled edge as standard. 

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